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20 november 2011, solo "Juanita Hildegarfd Bo"

“Juanita Hildegard Bo”
dance/theatre solo 50 min.
dance & choreography : Galina Borissova
Project in residency at PACT Zollverein, Essen
Choreographisches Zentrum NRW, Germany
premiered at Red House, Sofia in January 2005
with the support of : Goethe Institute, Sofia and Ani Collier
Music by: Lisa del Bo, Belgium and Elby, Sofia
Music montage: Ani Collier
Lights &Costume: Galina Borissova

“Your conditional interpretation is my unconditional truth”- wrote Galina Borissova. There’s comes time when there’s nothing more you can do-and nothing better to do than dance up a storm. "
People tell stories as they are. But there are at least two ways to see them. One is just to look at it and the other one is to really pay attention. I like watching myself dancing, simply observing my human behavior. My dance always has something to do with illusion, contributing to my well-being, feeding my insecurities, boosting my confidence.

The performance is the Golden medal winner at the International Festival of Monodrama and Solo performance in Belgrade, 2006. “Juanita Hildegard Bo” has been presented at: '24 kvadrats', festival in Gotheborg, Sweden / the Festival of Eastern European art at Dance Theatre Workshop, NY/ the East Sidе View celebration for the University of Groningen at the Grand Theatre, Holland / Dance Acrose Borders, Bard College at Fisher Center for performing arts, NY.

“Borissova’s stage persona was odd, dead-pan comic and surprisingly endearing. This working woman removed her shoes and hat, clipping up her lanky red hair in an attempt at prettification. You sensed she’d been toughened up by life without losing her capacity to feel. Balancing strength and vulnerability, Borissova resisted pigeonholing as both artist and character. Her dance is, I think, about ordinary habitual labour, about carrying on despite exhaustion or boredom and about the relief, delight and glamour of dreaming and fantasising outside one’s personal box. The piece wigged-out into a dizzy, yet sympathetically controlled, essay on exaggerated female allure.”
By Donald Hutera

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